Push-Up Tennis Court

Posted on 3rd August 2016 in News

Making the most of a dry spell in July with finishing works carried out on this ‘Push-Up’ tennis court.

Initial ground works were carried out to level off a Tennis Court sized area by ‘Cut & Fill’ methodĀ to turn a slope into a level surface. Soil was removed, sub-soil graded and soil returned to create a simple ‘Push-Up’ Tennis Court. The budget did not include the Full Spec clay soils so best use was made of the local soil. Utilising the Stone Burier machine to cultivate the soil a suitable soil was soon gained. Cultivate-Level-Cultivate-Level before then gaining the final levels ready for Seed.

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Summer Turf at its best!

Posted on 12th July 2016 in News

Turf supplied at its best, beautiful colour and presentation…

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Funky shapes!

Posted on 6th June 2016 in News

An interesting shaped central piece can set off the garden…!

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Feb Turf Job

Posted on 4th February 2016 in News

Nice little turf job to get the year going. You can lay turf all year round as long as you avoid the harshest of conditions. Laying before the first spring growth means that the roots get going at the first rise in temperatures.

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Overseeding domestic lawn

Posted on 14th October 2015 in News

…it is so worth while to overseed a lawn to re-gain some better grasses.

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Lord of the Manor

Posted on 26th November 2014 in News

Always nice to help out the locals, so when the National Trust’s Kinston Lacy House phone up for a little lawn works then we were happy to oblige. Thankfully our tractor mounted Verti-Drain set up with Hollowtines was just the job for the large lawns and then we used the Pedestrian machine to do the smaller formal lawns.

All this was followed up with an Autumn Topdressing.

Even though we have had so much rain recently the cores were still dry with all the water logging in the thatch layer that has built up over many years. Steve Candy, Acting Head Gardener was very pleased with our service and looks forward to welcoming us back again soon.

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Bad Green Good Green…

Posted on 26th September 2014 in News

…presented with a rather poor looking golf putting green we went to work with a renovation plan and ongoing maintenance plan…a little improvedĀ I think you would say.

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Tennis Renovations

Posted on 23rd September 2014 in General Advice, News

With the end of the season brings Scarifying, Overseeding and Topdressing so here is our ProSeeder carrying out a Multi-Operation of Spiking-Seeding-Topdressing-Counter Rotating Brushing and then to finish a static brush…All in one single pass. Neat job and one Happy customer, not to mention the Groundstaff as they have only been doing this by hand for the last 15yrs!!!

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Time to be brave!

Posted on 19th August 2014 in General Advice, News

Cricket renovations are always interesting, especially when the VertiDrain machine is brought in! Hard clay square and a lack of water penetration can lead to break up of squares unless you are very careful!

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Lawn Renovations

Posted on 19th June 2014 in General Advice, News

This lawn was looking a bit tired so we Scarified, Overseeded, Hollowtine Aerated, Topdressed and then Feed it. You can see the lovely new grasses of standing proud, particularly the Dwarf Rye Grass which is such a great grass for high quality but still hardy lawns.

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